Past Faculty

Doris Maninger

Doris Maninger Founder, Co-director and teacher 1998-2017

Graz (AT)

Trained as a painter and restaurateur at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, she has moved at young age to Italy to complete her studies in various fields of arts and crafts.
Her work is constantly shifting between diverse fields such as painting, sculpture, textile design and jewelry, combining traditional techniques with new formal approaches and theoretical research.

In 1998, she moved to Florence and co-founded Alchimia with Lucia Massei.

She exhibited, lectured, gave workshops and curated internationally in places such as, among the others, Hong Kong, Seoul, Tokyo, Tel Aviv, Bangkok, Aswan and in various private and public institutions around Europe and America.

Giampaolo Babetto

Giampaolo Babetto professor in Alchimia from 1999 to 2004

Sienna (IT)

Alchimia would not be what it is now without his contribution. The ‘Alchimia adventure’ really started with his first workshop in summer 1999.

Manfred Bischoff

Manfred Bischoff professor in Alchimia from 2000 to 2010

Schömberg (DE) 1947 -2015
Difficult to find words for him, he has been for 10 years the ‘anima’ of Alchimia and has contributed to shape it in almost all aspects, directors teachers and students alike.
Peter Bauhius

Peter Bauhius professor in Alchimia from 2007 to 2016

Munich (DE)
When we think about experimentation, discoveries, surprises and humor we cannot not to mention or quote Peter Bauhuis. He inspired generations of Alchimia students with his passion and strongly contributed in shaping and developing our method and way of teaching.
Ruudt Peters

Ruudt Peters professor in Alchimia from 2010 to 2015

Naaldwijk (NL)
He took over the artistic direction of Alchimia in 2010 giving to the school his very personal ‘twist’. His energy and dedication have greatly forged the school’s didactic philosophy and its transformation into a recognised university programme.
Manuel Vilhena

Manuel Vilhena professor in Alchimia from 2001 to 2005

Lisbon (PT)
With him the school started its first three year program, he developed and shaped the second year and gave it the experimental format which has been maintained up to now.
Alessandra Pizzini

Alessandra Pizzini professor in Alchimia in 2005

Bozen (IT)
She has followed up and implemented the second year in 2005.


Jorge Manilla

Jorge Manilla Teacher


Born in Mexico, he is currently living and working in Belgium where in 2003 he obtained a Degree in Sculpture at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent and a Master degree in 2006 at the St. Lucas College of Art and Design.
At the present time he is working on a doctorate study at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, and he is giving lectures in many international universities and schools.

Quaternitas Tutors
A forerunner of our MFA Program

Robert Smit 2006 and 2009
Sofie Lachaert 2006 and 2009
Peter Bauhuis 2007
Annamaria Zanella 2007
David Bielander 2007
Lucy Sarneel 2009
Flora Anna Vagi 2011
Nadda El Asmar 2014-2015
Jorge Manilla 2014-2015

Workshop teachers
Summer workshop – 2000 – “Surface treatment and patina“ Andrea Frahm
Summer workshop – 2000 – “Renaissance evolution in Florence“ Giampaolo Babetto
Summer workshop – 2001 – “The lost object : the discovered jewel“ Manfred Bischoff
Summer workshop – 2002 – “Textile techniques in metal“ Arline Fisch
Summer workshop – 2002 – “Surface and Depth“ Barbara Seidenath
Summer workshop – 2003 – “Multiples“ Sofie Lachaert
Summer workshop – 2006 – “textile techniques in Metal” Arline Fisch
Summer workshop – 2007 – “Casting forms and colours“ Peter Bauhuis
Summer workshop – 2009 – “In Between“ Iris Bodemer
Summer workshop – 2010 – “Autenticity in the age of style surfing“ David Bielander and Helen Britton
Summer workshop – 2011 – “Granulation technique” Giovanni Corvaja
Summer workshop – 2011 – “Please be afraid of being understood“ Iris Eichenber
Summer workshop – 2012 – “2000 millimeters of Uncertainty“ Christoph Zellweger
Summer Workshop – 2012 – “Daily life : jewellery connection” Estela Saez Vilanova
Summer workshop – 2013/14/15 – “Japanese alloys“ Kimiaki Kageyama
Summer workshop – 2015 – “Mixed Metal Techniques“ Patrick Davison

Visiting professors
2005 Charon Kransen
2006 / 2011 Giovanni Corvaja
2006 – Peter Skubic
2007 – Iris Eichenberg
2007 – Stefano Marchetti
2008 – Bernhard Schobinger
2009 – Mari Ishikawa
2009/14 – Lucy Sarneel
2010 – Robert Smit
2010 – Ruudt Peters
2010 – Deganit Schocken
2011/12/13/14/15 – Christoph Zellweger
2011/12/13- Sung-Ho Cho
2012- Nikolas Kirchner
2013 – Jamie Bennett
2013- Evert Nijland
2014 – Ferran Iglesias
2014 – Myra-Mimlitsch Gray
2014- Andronikos Sagiannos
2014- Daniela Malev
2015 – Pravu Mazumdar

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