Frequently Asked Questions


What programmes does Alchimia offer?
Alchimia offers a two-year programme: BFA and MFA accredited by E.A.B.H.E.S. (European Accreditation Board of Higher Education Schools).
A one-year course for beginners – Jewellery Foundation Training (JFT) which is followed by one-year Advanced Jewellery Training (AJT).
Among short programs there are the Intensive Courses, various Weekend Workshop (WE) and Summer Courses. You may check dates and availability of the courses here – link.
What courses can I sign up for if have never studied Jewellery before?
If you plan to study for a long-term period, you can apply for the Jewellery Foundation Training program which is focused on acquiring basic jewellery techniques or you could opt for a BFA programme in case you want to stay for two years. The Intensive Course programme could be a good fit for you in case you are not able to study for an entire year.
How do I know which programme is right for me?
It depends on how much time you can dedicate to your studies and on your motivation. If you intend to start a career as a professional maker or designer, then we suggest enrolling in the BFA or MFA programme. The Intensive Courses are always a good option to understand the path to be taken up.
How many students are admitted to the courses?
For annual courses, 12 students per class.
For the Master program, the students are maximum 8.
For the Intensive Courses the student number is 8.


What type of Bachelor’s or Master’s degree do I get?
You will obtain a Bachelor / Master of Fine Art, major in Jewellery Design and Body Ornament. They are the first and second grade standards for graduate students in Europe, America and Canada in search of professional training in visual, performing and applied arts. In Britain the equivalent grade is the Bachelor of Arts. In the United States, the Bachelor of Fine Arts differs from a Bachelor of Arts, the majority of the Bachelor of Fine Arts programs consist of practical studies, rather than in humanistic and theoretical ones.
Can I sign up for a BFA programme if I have no experience in the Jewellery field?
You don’t need to have technical skills in jewellery to enrol in the BFA programme. The application is open to anyone over 18 years old.
Is the BFA an obligatory two-year programme or can it be done in one year?
BFA is a two-year programme.


I already have a Bachelor’s degree in Management I would like to know if there is a one-year programme that I could attend.
Yes, there are two options of annual courses at Alchimia: JTF (Jewellery Training Foundation) for beginners and AJT (Advanced Jewellery Training) for more experienced jewellery makers.
What is the difference between the Jewellery Training Foundation and Advanced Jewellery Training?
Jewellery Training Foundation is a one-year course of basic jewellery techniques and design for beginners. Advanced Jewellery Training is a specialised course that demands basic technical and design skills and is also considered a bridging programme for the MFA.
How many hours a week do you practice?
The school is open from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Depending on your course you have approximately 30 hours of classes a week, 20 of which are practical, further hours you can practise on your own during school opening hours.
I have a BFA in Interior Design/ Fashion/ History of Art, can I apply for MFA at Alchimia with no experience in jewellery making?
Yes, you can. Each application will be evaluated by the Board of Directors and a preparation course might be requested.
I want to cancel my registration. Can I get a refund?
By registering for the courses, you enter into a legally binding contract to pay all tuition and fees, including any nonrefundable fees. If you decide to withdraw from the course and send official cancellation (notification by registered letter) within 60 days before your course starts, you will get a refund. Unless you officially cancel, you will be held responsible for full tuition and fees.


What are the intensive courses about?
What makes them different from the other programs?
The intensive courses were created for those with limited time to study and are looking for a full immersion into jewellery as well as for those who want to gain knowledge in particular techniques. A very personal approach allows to set up an individual program according to the specific needs of each student. The intensive course might also be a solution for a beginner to understand whether jewellery could be an option for future studies and/or carrier. Jewellery Courses
When do the intensive courses start?
The intensive courses have open dates, starting on Mondays, throughout the whole school year, to allow an individual programming.
Which is the deadline for registering?
There is no deadline to enrol in the intensive courses. Since the number of spaces is limited it is recommendable you enquire about availability in advance at
What is the minimum duration?
Two weeks
Can I extend the intensive course if I like to stay longer?
Yes, you can stay longer if there is availability.
I want to cancel my registration. Can I get a refund?
By registering for the courses, you enter into a legally binding contract to pay the entire tuition. If you decide to withdraw from a course, you must officially cancel (notification by registered letter) within 30 days before lessons begin. Unless you officially cancel, you will be held responsible for full tuition.


How do I apply for the BFA?
To apply for the BFA programme please download and complete the BFA Application Form and send it back together with the following documents:
– Official transcript from previous education
– English Language Certification (B2 Level)
How do I apply for the JTF?
To apply for the JTF programme please download and complete the JTF Application Form and send it back together with the following documents:
– Official transcript from previous education
– English Language Certification (B2 Level)
How to apply for the AJT?
To apply for the AJT programme please download and complete the AJT Application Form and send it back together with the following documents:
– Recommendation letter
– Portfolio
– Official transcript from previous education
– English Language Certification (B2 Level)
Do I need a specific project to enter the MFA?
No. The project will be defined together with Alchimia’s teaching staff after your enrolment in the MFA program.
How do I apply for MFA?
To apply to the MFA programme, please download the MFA Application Form and submit it together with:
– Recommendation Letter
– Letter of intent
– Creative Portfolio (read at this link)
– Bachelor official transcript
– Detailed CV
– English Language Certification (Upper B2 level)
What should my statement of purpose include?
It should be one to two pages stating your reasons for applying for Master’s programme. You should also mention what direction you want to take in your future work, you may also share recent developments that support your decision to enrol.
Here are a few things you can follow, while writing the statement of purpose:
– introduce yourself, your interests and motivations
– summarise your undergraduate and previous graduate career (projects, thesis, work experiences)
– discuss how your recent and current activities helped you focus on graduate studies
– indicate if there are professors whose research interests meet yours.
What should I specify in my CV other than education and professional skills?
Include a list of your activities including employment, community service, school clubs, organisations, and extracurricular interests. Specify positions held (if any), length of service, and awards or prizes.
In which file format should I submit my application files?
Please send your files in PDF format
Will paper application be accepted?
Yes, we will accept paper applications
Which is the deadline for submitting my application?
The deadline for application to the undergraduate and postgraduate programs is May 31st of each year.
Can I submit an application after the deadline?
The annual courses have a limited number of spaces. We can consider your application after the deadline only if there are still available places.
To whom shall I submit my application?
You should submit your application to:
You will be notified by the school upon receiving it.


If my application is successful, how do I register for the course?
If accepted, you will be sent the Enrollment Form. To register in the course, you should send to the school secretary’s office the Enrolment Form, a copy of your passport/ID and the proof of payment of the enrolment fee and the administration fee.
Which is the teaching language?
All classes are given in English
My transcript/certificate is not in English, do I need to provide an official translation?
If your application is successful, you will be required to submit an official translation before you register.
Can I defer my entrance in the course?
Alchimia does not normally accept requests for deferral of entry. You will be expected to start your course on the date and term indicated.
There are very limited grounds for requesting a deferral and requests will be reviewed on a case by case basis.
Is there an orientation day?
To help you get settled during your first days in Alchimia and to learn more about our school, we have designed an orientation day with tips, information and important instructions on how to use the school’s machinery and laboratory. Students are strongly recommended to participate.
Will I receive any documents for my visa application after enrolment?
After completion of the enrolment process, Alchimia will send the documents necessary to apply for the student visa. The original certificates will be shipped by express courier directly to your home address.
Once I got my visa, what else do I need to do at my arrival in Italy ?
During the orientation day students will meet delegates of EDUITALIA. They offer help to complete procedures such as: permit to stay, bank account, health insurance, fiscal code.
Do you have accommodation options?
Our student coordinator offers practical help and advice on finding a place to stay in privately rented rooms. We also have a special partnership with The Student Hotel
For details please contact


What are the tuition fees?
Please see tuition fees for details . Tuition Fee
Are there different fees for overseas students ?
International students from outside the EU are charged the overseas fees.
How do I pay enrolment fee and tuition fee?
The enrolment fee is payable by bank transfer when registering. The remaining tuition fee is paid directly to the school according to the payment plan.
I want to cancel my registration. Can I get a refund?
By registering for the courses, you enter into a legally binding contract to pay all tuition and fees, including any nonrefundable fees. If you decide to withdraw from the course and send official cancellation (notification by registered letter) within 60 days before lessons begin, you will get a refund. Unless you officially cancel, you will be held responsible for full tuition and fees.


How many credits do I get per year ?
You will get 90 ECTS credits for each year of BFA and 60 ECTS credits for each year of MFA certified by E.A.B.H.E.S.
How can I obtain the recognition of credits of the University that I have attended in my country?
If the credits are already expressed in ECTS, recognition is automatic. If instead the credits earned need to be converted, or if you wish to transform the previous studies or professional experience in ECTS, Alchimia and EABHES will have to examine and certify them. This certification is subject to fees.
What happens if I cannot achieve the number of credits required?
If for any reason you are not able to achieve the requested credits you will have to repeat exams or improve and perfect your work during the following sessions.
Is it possible to use my graphic design/fashion design credits in your institution?
Yes, after the evaluation of your reports and portfolio.
What happens if I have a higher number of credits than required?
With more than180 credits for the BFA and 120 credits for the MFA you will graduate with Honours.


How many examination sessions are scheduled for each course?
An exam session is scheduled at the end of each trimester.
What happens if I do not pass an exam ?
You will be given a second and a third chance and the exam will be rescheduled during the following trimester.


Since English is not my first language, do I have to submit evidence of English language proficiency with my application?
Considering that all the lessons are taught in English, a B2 level is required to attend the BFA programme whereas an Upper B2 level for the MFA programme. For this reason, you will be required to submit an English language certificate at the application stage.
The achievement of the European Bachelor/master’s degree released by E.A.B.H.E.S includes a mandatory acquisition of a language certification. Non-native English speakers are required to take a test of English as a foreign language (T.O.E.I.C. or equivalent). The test may be taken after completion of the course.
Do I need to submit an English language certification with my application when my first language is English?
In order to obtain the Bachelor or master’s degree, native English speakers who have obtained a degree in an English or American University, are required to complete an international language certification at the same level, in the language of the country where the program takes place or in one of the primary languages of the European Union. This test may be taken after completion of the course.


Can I take a year or two at Alchimia and then continue the studies in another University?
The European Bachelor (two years) or Master (two years) are incorporated in the European mobility of teaching system. The annual certification (ECTS) allows the student to present his college credits to another European Academic Institution.
Is the attendance to classes compulsory?
Yes, you must attend at least 85% of the total hours of each Course Unit. In case you are not able to attend the full amount of lessons, or have accumulated absences in excess of 15%, it is up to the course teacher to determine the admission to the exam and if necessary, establishing an amount of extra work to be performed (study books, research or practical project, etc.). If the absence exceeds 50% the admission to exams is not allowed, except for special cases.
Are there any exchange programmes with other schools?
Alchimia has exchange contracts with schools and Universities worldwide. Usually, an exchange of 3 or 6 months may take place during the first year of the MFA or in the second year of the BFA.
Does Alchimia give out scholarships?
Alchimia grants one scholarship per year for its internal students according to specific needs and individual requests which are evaluated by the Board of Directors.
Should the students be proficient in Italian?
The knowledge of Italian language is not requested by the school. However, it is suggested for those who plan to stay for a couple of years in Italy.
How does the school promote its students?
Alchimia is very supportive of its students. The teachers have a personal approach to each class and decide each year the suitable tool of promotion: fairs, exhibitions, competitions and awards. The philosophy of the school is that promotion and support do not finish with graduation. In years Alchimia has built a professional network to engage and promote its former students. Jewellery Designers

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