Metallic Weaving and Wire Textile Jewellery Workshop


Metallic Weaving and wire textile jewellery Workshop

Teacher: Giovanna Canu
Dates: March 6th 2020 to March 8th 2020

Price and schedule:

€400 + 22% VAT
Friday from 5pm to 8 pm
Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm
Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm

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Participants will become knowledgeable on the basic techniques used in wire textile jewellery. weaving, crochet, hairpin lace, spool knitting. Each participant will end-up the course with the production of a piece of jewellery choosing one of the above-mentioned techniques.


Analysis of the different textile techniques that are used in jewellery.

Presentation of the most important Artists that have used / are using these textile techniques
Materials and Tools.

Practice: weaving, crochet, hairpin lace, tubular knitting, interlaced wire.

Metallic Weaving and wire textile jewellery Workshop


Annealed silver wire (925) (0,30mm-0,40mm-0,50mm)
Annealed pure copper wire (0,25 mm)
Copper, brass and aluminum leafs (….)
Frame for hairpin lace
Hooks (0,75-1-1,75-2)
Polystyrene spheres

Lecturer’s resume

Giovanna Canu (born Sassari 1968)
After completing a degree in Architecture and Design and clocking up 15 years in Design & Construction and both Property and Facility Management for large retail organizations, I left my adopted city of Milan and moved to Spain.
The light and beauty of Barcelona, its harmonious simplicity gave me new creative impetus, and my taste for research and experimentation came back to stay.
I attended the technical jewellery course at El Taller de Joyeria school-cum-workshop in the Poblenou industrial district of Barcelona, under the tutorship of Jaime Diaz. My time there saw me learn how to shape metal and also saw an idea take shape – that I should continue experimenting so that my hands would become faithful interpreters of what is in my mind and my soul.
Through my time under the guidance of lecturer Stéphanie Barbié at the Massana school – the Art & Design university founded in Barcelona in 1929 – and at Taller Perill, a workshop space dedicated to contemporary jewellery, I came face-to-face with non-metal materials, and I found myself fascinated by the challenge of tapping the expressive potential afforded by resins.
With Judy McCaig, again at Taller Perril, I learned the art of riveting, and got to grips with how to get various materials to exist side-by-side in a single piece.
And then the ineluctable encounter with the art of Arline M Fisch’s textile jewellery: her books, which are now out-of-print, allowed me to rediscover a weaving technique I had learned, as a child, from my grandmother…and it was like picking one of the threads of my life back up.
I started out as an autodidact, drawing on these apparently forgotten teachings, and then I honed my skills in Florence under the inspired expert guidance of Doris Maninger, co-director of the Alchimia school of contemporary jewellery.
I then had the opportunity to attend an intensive workshop with Giovanni Corvaja in Todi to learn more on the making of precious metal threads.
With Alchimia again, I also immersed myself in the world of moulds and silicone rubber dies. Giovanna has a Studio in Milano where she produces her unique pieces of textile jewellery.

Metallic Weaving and wire textile jewellery Workshop

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