Electroforming Applied To Jewellery

March 30, 2019 to March 31, 2019


Electroforming - Gaston Rois

Teacher: Gaston Rois

Dates: March 30th 2019 to March 31st 2019

Price and Schedule:

€360 + 22% VAT
Course Duration: 16 hs
Places: 6 – 12

Info at: info@alchimia.it

The Technique

“Electroforming” is the deposition of a metallic coating layer over all type of objects to create a partial or complete layer offering the possibility to create three dimensional shapes, hollow and ligh-weighted, which can not be achieved with other techniques.
The application in jewellery opens up an immense field of creative possibilities.

Course Content

• General introduction to the concept of Electroforming;
• The correct methods for the development and creation of the pieces to obtain a high quality result;
• Learn how to set up and use a basic kit to electroform jewelry pieces;
• A step by step procedure on how the technique works to understand the process of the Electroforming at the workshop;
• During the workshop the attendants will create many pieces in different materials experimenting the various forms and possibilities that the technique provides to create a jewellery piece;
• The different types of finishing for the pieces to create a jewell;
• To perform and learn about “electrolytic engraving”, another possibility the technique provides us.

Electroforming - Gaston Rois

Adressed To

Anyone with an artistic and creative desire willing to experiment and gain new skills. Also to jewellers wishing to enrich creative and new research possibilities.
You are free to bring anything you would like to transfer into metal (as organic materials: leaves, shells, small branches, plastics, etc.) or even any other non-metallic material. Everything is possible!
Participants can bring any kind of materials for electroforming. All organic materials must be dry. No use of ferric materials, and the size limit of the pieces is 5 x 5 x 5 cm.

About the Teacher

Gaston Rois is an artist recognized as one of the specialist of this technique in contemporary jewelery. He graduate in 2010 in the Massana school in Barcelona and since then he is making some research around electroforming and he is giving some workshops in Europe and South America.

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Electroforming - Gaston Rois

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