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Daria Borovkova & Lavinia Rossetti. Two Solo-Shows in Antwerp.

Alchimia is very proud to present and invite you to two solo-shows by Daria Borovkova and Lavinia Rossetti, both happening in Antwerp at Hofstraat...   Read More

To Manfred. With love, his students.

VERNISSAGE, WEDNESDAY 24 FEBRUARY 2016 AT 6 pm 3 STATIONS, WELSERSTRASSE 15, 81373, MUNICH Dear readers, probably not all of you know that Manfred...   Read More

1 : 20.000. A solo show by Giulia Savino

Officina 500 | Via Lombroso 15 | Torino Opening: Saturday February 6, 2016 | Between 6 and 10pm On February 7 the exhibition will...   Read More

Hack the Material a workshop with Silvia Weidenbach

as part of the second year MFA program I have experimented and explored, collected and ordered, discovered boundaries and got over them again. S....   Read More

The Alchimia Conversations: Federica Sala and Luca Pozzi

– from a WhatsApp double stream of consciousness – Alchimia is happy to present The Alchimia Conversations, a series of dialogues between artists, using...   Read More

The Alchimia BFA2 presents The Mokka Project

The students of the second year of Alchimia’s BFA are proud to present the MOKKA PROJECT, a response to a workshop with Lucia Massei...   Read More


A simple fact of life that María Ignacia Walker obsesses over: The shedding of hair. The obsession – losing them, collecting them, ordering them,...   Read More

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