Advanced Jewellery Training

The Advanced Jewellery Course is a one-year program that offers a balanced combination of theoretical principles and skill practice, aimed at those who want to enter the Alchimia Master’s program or otherwise achieve a high professional level in jewelry.

This course is divided into three 14-week modules, and has a sharp focus on traditional skills and new technology.The course responds to different needs, functioning as both a self-contained module for those interested in achieving high-level results in the short term, and preparing for admission to a Master’s program in Contemporary Jewellery Design and Body Ornament.
It is focused on the development of technical skills, research of materials, and new technologies, as well as nurturing the students’ own creativity and imagination to foster the independent and artistic potential of each individual.

The achievement of the ambitious objectives of the course is guaranteed by individual and group coaching methodologies, a staff of highly qualified instructors, and participation in major national and international exhibitions.

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