Alchimia School of Contemporary Jewellery presents Stopover, a display of ongoing work and experiments of 11 students tutored by Peter Bauhuis, currently in the 3rd year BFA and 1st year MFA programmes.
Part of the Valencia Melting Point 2016, a biennial encounter of contemporary jewellers, organised by the department of jewellery of ESAD Valencia, this exhibition, the third of its kind, wants to reveal the working process standing behind a finished piece.
Visitors will be able to follow the discoveries that students have made as they explore their own individual topics and approaches to jewellery making, an intricate dialogue between material, hand and mind.

22-24 April 2015
Exhibition opening 22 April 21:00
Regular opening & closing time TBA
Fabrika 12, Sala Taller, Carrer del Marqués de Caro, 12, 46003 Valencia, Spain

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