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Lucia Massei

Lucia Massei founder of Alchimia in 1998 and general director

Pisa (IT)

She studied jewellery and painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence and achieved meaningful experiences as a freelance designer in the fields of classic jewellery and fashion accessories. In 1998 she co-founded Alchimia together with Doris Maninger.

Curator of exhibitions and jewellery artist, she exhibits her work in galleries of contemporary art and design in international contexts. As current director of Alchimia, she believes in supporting students and staff in exploring and strengthening their creativity, encouraging their self-expression, providing them with the right space and environment, as well as by guiding them towards new possibilities and directions.

Doris Maninger

Doris Maninger founder of Alchimia in 1998

Graz (AT)

Trained as a painter and restaurateur at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, she has moved at young age to Italy to complete her studies in various fields of arts and crafts.
Her work is constantly shifting between diverse fields such as painting, sculpture, textile design and jewelry, combining traditional techniques with new formal approaches and theoretical research.

In 1998, she moved to Florence and co-founded Alchimia with Lucia Massei.

She exhibited, lectured, gave workshops and curated internationally in places such as, among the others, Hong Kong, Seoul, Tokyo, Tel Aviv, Bangkok, Aswan and in various private and public institutions around Europe and America.

Marzia Rossi

Marzia Rossi teacher in Alchimia since 2005

Piacenza (IT)

Marzia Rossi graduated in Interior Design in Milan and studied at Alchimia Contemporary School in Florence. In her work prevails a research for a transparency of materials, even when opaque. Her jewellery pieces have been presented in numerous exhibitions and they are exposed in international art and design galleries. Her work is represented by Antonella Villanova Gallery, Florence and Charon Kransen, New York. She is currently teaching at Alchimia School and she is working in her atelier in Florence.

Jorge Manilla

Jorge Manilla professor in Alchimia since 2015

Jorge Manilla is originally from Mexico, lives and works in Belgium.
Grown up in a family of goldsmiths and engravers, he studied visual arts at the Academy of San Carlos, in Mexico and received a high technical jewellery training at the Academy of Craft and Design from the Mexican Institute of Fine Arts.
In 2003 he earned a Bachelor degree in sculpture at The Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent and one year later he enrolled at St Lucas University College of Art and Design where he received a Master degree in Jewellery and Silversmithing in 2006.
Alongside his professional activities as an artist, he is right now working as researcher and doing his PhD under the title Other Bodies Design at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. He also teaches at different Art and Design universities around the world .
His work investigates his environment – religion, emotions, relationships and the meaning of life.
His dark forms and shapes create a barrier between the meanings of the objects and the outside world. Black implies self-control and discipline, independence and a strong will. It gives an impression of authority and power. To the artist black relates to something hidden, the secretive and the unknown, and as a result it creates an air of mystery. It keeps things bottled up inside, hidden from the world. For Manilla black is the end, but the end always implies a new beginning.

Lucy Sarneel

Lucy Sarneel Tutor MFA second year in 2015/16

Maastricht (NL)
She lives and works in Amsterdam as jewellery artist.
She has studied the basic jewellery techniques at the Stadsacademie Maastricht and continued her study at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam where she graduated in 1989 and worked as a teacher several years until recently. Sarneel has exhibited in major international exhibitions and her work is internationally recognized in private and public collections. Since many years she also works as a teacher and mentor, delivering lectures and workshops internationally. Her work refers to culture and time.Creating fields of tension in form, idea and material, she uses familiar symbols as well as forms relating to forgotten traditions, proverbs, popular motifs and themes from folklore. The visual language of her jewellery is associative, often sculptural and inviting to freely experience thoughts and feelings. She is considered one of the most influential and inspirational artists working in jewellery today.

Benjamin Lignel

Benjamin Lignel teacher in Alchimia since 2015

Benjamin Lignel is an artist, writer and curator. He is a co-founder of la garantie, association pour le bijou, a French association with a mission to study and promote jewellery. In this capacity, he co-curated “Also known as jewellery”, a exhibition of French contemporary jewellery that traveled seven cities, and helped program and organise the 44th Zimmerhof symposium (2012) in Germany as well as “Bijou(x). Les Pratiques contemporaine à l’épreuve de leur discours” (2014) a two-day symposium hosted by the Paris College of Art, in Paris. in 2014, he organised Différence et Répétition, a research-by-exhibition project that was shown in Norway and France. He became a member of Think Tank. A European Initiative for the Applied Arts, in 2009, and was appointed editor of Art Jewelry Forum in january 2013. He has just edited a third book under AJF’s imprint, dedicated to jewellery in the wider cultural realm, titled On and Off. Ben conducts workshops extensively on writing, curating and jewelry, and is a guest teacher at the Nürnberg Academy of Fine Arts since 2013.

Antonino Marsala

Antonino Marsala teacher in Alchimia since 2010

Florence (IT)

Antonino Marsala si occupa di formazione e consulenza per la modellazione e stampa 3D. Dopo aver fondato il gruppo ‘Mandarino BLU’ nell’ottobre 2010, diventa Authorized Rhinoceros Trainer, docente certificato McNeel per i corsi di Rhinoceros 3D. Il lavoro di docenza è implementato dalle ricerche nel campo della modellazione generativa. Le tematiche trattate, lo portano ad avvicinarsi al campo della gioielleria e degli accessori per la moda.

Antonino Marsala offers training and consulting services in 3D modeling and printing. After founding the ‘Mandarin BLUE’ group in October 2010, he became a Rhinoceros Authorized Trainer, and a McNeel certified teacher for Rhinoceros 3D courses. His teaching work is substantiated by a constant research in the field of generative modeling. His subjects of study, led him to approach the field of jewelry and fashion.

Daniela Boieri

Daniela Boieri teacher in Alchimia since 2010

Florence (IT)

She graduated in jewellery, costume design and fashion at the University of Florence in 2001 and specialised in contemporary jewellery in Alchimia from 2004 to 2007. She works as an independent jewellery artist, designer and teacher. She loves metal and its secrets as colourings and patinations, adding and joining, engraving and etching. Her jewellery is present internationally in various galleries and museums.

Paolo Bernardoni

Paolo Bernardoni teacher in Alchimia since 2010

Florence (IT)
Born in Florence in a family of jewellers, he has the art of jewellry in his veins. Student at the Art Institute of Florence he has refined his education at the City College of Manchester. After various experiences for important jewlery companies he has taken over the family business, but the passion for his craft induced him to start teaching in order to transfer his knowledge to the younger generation.

Giovanni Martinelli

Giovanni Martinelli teacher in Alchimia since 2000

Florence (IT)

Florentine master goldsmith, an example of old style Florentine craftsman whose desire is to pass on his lifetime knowledge to the younger generations. He has been trained in the ‘bottegas’ of Ponte Vecchio since very early age. He is specialised in classic High-End jewellery and has worked with the most famous Italian jewellery brands.

Daria Borovkova

Daria Borovkova teacher in Alchimia since 2015

Moscow (RU)

Born in Moscow, has an international background and working experience as a visual merchandiser and interior designer. Educated in Linguistics and Intercultural Communication and subsequently specialised in Interior Design and Decoration in London /Moscow. Master degree in jewellery and body ornament in Alchimia. Her work is dedicated to socio-cultural aspects and is expressed through direct involvement with natural materials that she carefully selects for each project. Her jewellery has been exhibited in Europe and in the United States. She is currently living and working in Florence.

Lavinia Rossetti

Lavinia Rossetti Assistant teacher in Alchimia since 2015


She graduated from Scienze dei Beni Culturali in Pisa with a special focus in Art jewellery. After five years of jewellery training and several international internships she completed her studies with a Master degree at Alchimia in Florence. Her work revolves around and the notion of time expressed through repetitive movement and evocative materials. She creates movements with detailed and sophisticated elements, mobile structures that live with the body of the wearer. She has exhibited with Alchimia in Europe and the United States and started her own studio in Florence in 2014.

Riccardo Lami

Riccardo Lami Teacher in Alchimia since 2009


An art historian, curator, and educator, he has worked since 2009 at the Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi in Florence as coordinator of contemporary art exhibits at the Strozzina Center for Contemporary Culture, and since 2014 he has been the Brand Manager of the Palazzo Strozzi Foundation. His graduate studies were focused on European curatorial practices in the sixties and seventies, the relationship between art and technology, and American artistic research in the field of environmental and site-specific art. As curator of exhibits and art installations, he has worked on projects like Cheryl@PalazzoStrozzi (2015), Palazzo Strozzi Contemporary (2014-2015), and Questioni di Famiglia (Family Matters) (2014). As the author of numerous essays and articles and coordinator for monographs and exhibition catalogs, he has collaborated with institutions, museums, and Italian and international universities, such as Manifesta, “The Screen of Art” Film Festival, Washington University in Florence, the MAMBO in Bologna, and the Museo Pecci in Prato.

Sana Khalil

Sana Khalil


Born in Lebanon, Graduate of the American University of Beirut with a Degree In Landscape Architecture. With an Interest in academics, she worked as an Assistant for various professors as well as a consultant for the Faculty in Beirut. Curiosity for exploring new dimensions drove her to the field of jewellery, where she received her MFA in Contemporary Jewellery and Body Ornaments, while assisting director, Doris Maninger.

Currently living in Florence, she is the acting Assistant Director and BFA Coordinator.

Andronikos Sagiannos

Andronikos Sagiannos Teacher in Alchimia since 2015


From Greek origins, obtained his degree in Jewelley and Object Design from the Ecole Superieure Des Art Appliques in Geneva Switzerland.

An Interest in exploring different cultures and techniques, lead him to more specialized studies; he received his first postgraduate degree in Japanese Lacquer/Enameling in 1996 from Escuala Massana, Barcelona Spain. Nevertheless in 2013 he obtained his second master degree in Ceramic and Polymers from CERCCO, HEAD, Geneva, Switzerland, After acting as a professor of Jewellery and object Design for more then 5 years in the University of West Macedonia in Greece.

He owns a Gallery of Jewellery Design in Athens, Greece while working as a freelancer designer and as a teacher of various workshops in Lost Wax techniques and Metallurgy.

Fabrizio Acquafresca

Fabrizio Acquafresca Teacher in Alchimia since 2015


Fabrizio Acquafresca, international Italian artist and teacher of chasing and repoussé technique. The family has been in the industry of chasing and repoussé since the 1620. This technique has been passed down from generation to generation until now.

Acquafresca is considered a Maestro (Master) in this art.

Maestro is the Italian word given to those distinguished by their superior skills and creativity from other craftsman. In addition, the master craftsman is the person who is dedicated to transmit knowledge of the trade, to ensure that the technical know-how of the craftsman is not lost.
Il Maestro Acquafresca is still creating his own works, and continues the collaboration with Brandimarte workshop and the Alchimia contemporary jewelry school in Florence. He draws, paints, writes, and shares his knowledge and skills by organizing workshops all around the world.

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