Workshop: Metallic Weaving and wire textile jewellery

May 11, 2018 to May 13, 2018



Metallic Weaving and wire textile jewellery

Teacher: Giovanna Canu
Dates: 11 to 13 May 2018
Cost: 400 euro + 22% VAT
Max number of students: 6


Participants will become knowledgeable on the basic techniques used in wire textile jewellery. Weaving, crochet, hairpin lace, spool knitting. Each participant will end-up the course with the production of a piece of jewellery choosing one of the above-mentioned techniques.


Analysis of the different textile techniques that are used in jewellery.
Presentation of the most important Artists that have used / are using these textile techniques, materials and tools.
Practice: weaving, crochet, hairpin lace, tubular knitting.


Annealed silver wire (925) (0,30mm-0,40mm-0,50mm)
Annealed pure copper wire (0,25 mm)
Copper leafs
Frame for hairpin lace
Hooks (0,75-1-1,75-2)
Polystyrene spheres

Tools and non-precious materials as well as handouts on the course are supplied by the school

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