A ring is not always round…

December 4, 2017 to December 7, 2017



A ring is not always round…

Teacher: Giampaolo Babetto
Dates: 4 to 7 December 2017
Cost: 650 euro + 22% VAT
Deadline for enrollment: 1 December, 2017


Is a ring always round? Are our fingers equal to each other’s?
Spatial exploration, technical elaboration and creative variations on the fifth digit.

Tools and non-precious materials as well as handouts on the course are supplied by the school

About the teacher

Giampaolo Babetto (born 1947 in Padua) has had a marked influence on the avant-garde goldsmiths’ scene since the late 1960s. He is one of the protagonists of the Padua School and has significantly moulded the image of art jewellery in Italy and around the world.

Babetto’s work reflects contemporary art movements such as concrete art, minimal art, kinetic or op art in a unique, purist and plastic manner. Made up of different abstract elements, broken down into modular units, or rendered moveable through the use of ingenious links, Babetto’s works have a tectonic character — like mini architectural pieces or mini sculptures. As a jewellery artist who has received a number of awards, he prefers working in gold due to its stable malleability and its warm sheen which he combines with unconventional materials such as plastic or glass, dusting the surface with a velvet-like pigment in luminous reds or blues or using enamel and age-old niello-based techniques.

He has already been classified a mixed media artist, working not only on jewellery but also on silver objects, furniture design and architectural projects.

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